I’m lovin’ it.

+ jumpstarting my passion for film photography.


A cheatsheet for beginners! Thanks to Mr. Miguel Yatco!

Random Darkness (Zobel Inspired)


Few months ago, while I was waiting for my friends in a mall in quezon city, I decided to spend my time in a bookstore and pick a collection book. I was captivated by the works of Fernando Zobel, of how he plays with the combination of colors, abstracts, and imagination. It was surreal. And it leaves me deeply inspired of being an artist, as a photographer.

for those who loves listening to music while studying.

Basically during my review for the CPA board exams I always listen to music while solving accounting problems. And as part of my giving-back deeds, I will share to you some of those music that I listen to, hoping that it could also give you a different kind of concentration just like the way it gave me while studying in the library in front of conversing students.

so, here’s the list:

fear and fallacy sitting in a tree - quiet company

night out - techy romantics

perth - bon iver

only moment we were alone - explosions in the sky

distance - christina perri

daughters - john mayer

the world is our playground and we will always be home - up dharma down

in your hands - jason mraz

secrets - one republic

chasing pavements - adele

some nights - fun.

good time - carly rae jepsen & owl city

u.n.i - ed sheeran

During my review days, I promised to myself not to hold a camera for me to concentrate.

So, I resorted to my camera phone.

This photo is crap, Isn’t it? but what makes a photo whimsical is the memories that flashes back to you when you saw it again. And with this photo, I remember those days wherein I have to find my own places to study. A place of my own comfort zone. Through this photo I remember my perseverance as a student/reviewee. I remember myself going outside our house not to hangout with my friends but to study in the library or in some other places. A lot of memories draws back to me with this single photo.

This photo is crap. But still whimsical, not because of its quality but because of its memories.

we are a fighter.